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Our Strategic Goals

Institute of Health Sciences Strategic Goals and Objectives of the Institute of Health Sciences

Goal 1: To enhance the quality of education programs

• Objective-1: to increase the number of postgraduate programs which support professional and academic developments.

• Objective-2: to create elective courses for the acquisition of transferable skills and increase awareness and diversity on this subject.

•  Objective-3: to increase the number of students in the postgraduate programs.

• Objective-4: to conduct studies to improve advisingconsultancy processes that will enhance the adaptation of the students to educational programs and their academic successes.

•  Objective-5: to ensure the good use of technology by all components of the postgraduate education programs (educator, student, etc.).

Goal 2: to enhance the research environment

•  Objective-1: To carry out studies for students to pursue their postgraduate education in an effective research environment and a research culture where they can access all the research tools they need,

•  Objective-2: To monitor the indicators of an effective research environment in the  Institute of Health Science units (original value and widespread impact of the studies, number of international publications, provided research grantssupports, national and international collaborations, publications, etc. of researchers in the environment) continuously and regularly, take steps towards improvement, and qualitative and quantitative increase in these indicators,

•  Objective-3: To increase the multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary fields of study,

Goal 3: To increase the international cooperation

• Objective-1: To support educational circulation aimed at obtaining information, skills, and manners in the international arena,

• Objective-2: To conduct studies in line with programs that will increase recognition and preferability at the international level (e.g., ORPHEUS labeling),

•  Objective-3: To increase the number of foreign language courses and the number of lecturers.

•  Objective-4: To conduct studies that ensure all the conducting research are in accordance with international ethical standards and principles

Goal 4: To produce society-oriented projects in the direction of the priority areas of our country.

•  Objective-1: To improve the quality and quantity of activities related to relations with all peers in the field of contribution to society.



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