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Ege University Institute of Health Sciences Quality Policy

In accordance with the vision of Ege University Institute of Health Sciences, “Quality Policy” aims to:

Plan and develop education in accordance with today’s needs and technological developments,

Aim to focus on the priority research areas of our region and country,

Support the international interactive education and research processes,

Support interdisciplinary, innovation and entrepreneurship-focused research that strengthen university-industry-public cooperation and aim to produce outputs that enhance public welfare,

Provide a safe, healthy, and peaceful work environment in the light of institutional principles,

Ensure the dissemination  of accreditation, institutional internal and external evaluation studies, and the continuation of the existing ones,

Improve the sense of contententment, belonging, and commitment of all peers,

Build a strong and continuous relationship with alumni,

Create, carry out and maintain a quality management system that embraces its institutional heritage and is determined to make institution culture sustainable.


Ege University Institute of Health Sciences aims to of offer education toe individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and competencies that the profession requires, can think creatively and critically, have research competence, and contribute scientific information production with this competence, act in accordance with science ethics, can integrate international science communities, learn to learn, who are productive and sensitive towards the environment and social problems, and respectful to civil rights. In accordance with these objectives, our institute’s “Education Policy” aims to:

Plan, implement, monitor, and continually improve education programs considering today’s needs,

Establish a relation between education programs and research activities,

Ensure an enjoyable, productive, and permanent education through active and enriched activities by using various methods, techniques and interactive tools in the learning and teaching processes,

Increase digitalization opportunities in education and improve technology integration processes,

Offer programs in the primary areas in the health field and increase the number of courses,

Improve and maintain student-centered teachingeducation,

Improve advisingconsultancy processes,

Ensure that all the students are qualified in the use scientific method and theory, science, and publication ethics,

Raise students who learn lifelong and can access and choose accurate information,

Make education activities and learning opportunities efficient and accessible for all students.


In accordance with the vision of Institute of Health Sciences:

Research and Development Policy of Ege University Institute of Health Sciences aims to,

By using current scientific information, ensure the publication of thesis studies and scientific research with high original value and widespread impact that takes regional and national needs into consideration with priority national development strategy, aim and plans,

Research and Development Policy of Ege University Institute of Health Sciences aims to,

Share the obtained information in the research and development processes with internal and external peers,

Increase the number of products such as patents, utility models, and copyrights which are established in accordance with the results obtained from scientific research,

Contribute to the training of a qualified workforce to fulfill the needs of the health sector,

Carry out research and development activities with bilateral and multilateral collaborations in internal, national, and international levels in coordination with the public and private sector and make suggestions for mentioned peers,

Contribute to the increase of our country’s capacity for research-development and scientific productivity by raising qualified scientists.


Ege University Institute of Health Sciences aims to raise scientists who are entrepreneur and contribute to universal science and aims to createproduce society-oriented projects in the direction of the priority areas of our country. Respecting civil rights and ethical values, giving importance to principles of efficiency and equality when using resources by conducting studies that are sensitive towards the environment and all living beings in all scientific studies are among the main policies and priorities of Ege University Institute of Health Sciences.

In this direction,  “direction, “Social Contribution Policy” of Ege University Institute of Health Sciences aims to:

Raise enterprising scientists who contribute to universal science at an universal level,

Ensure that the produced information/product as a result of research-development activities are presented to the society, become widespread, and turned into a social benefit,

Contribute to the development of the society with  the continuing education approach,

Provide social contribution in the direction of the priority areas of our country,

Carry out social contribution activities in effective, efficient, and measurable standards,

Make social contribution activities sustainable by looking out for all peers and receiving their support.


Ege University Institute of Health Sciences aims for a quality-oriented and sustainable management system structure in education, research, social contribution, and all service areas. “Management System Policy” of our institution aims to:

Make the administrative structure sustainable, which ensures the operation of the quality assurance system that aims to achieve the determined goals in the strategic plan,

Ensure the sustainability of quality system which aims to make processes in the institution effective within the scope of the managerial system,

Carry out the management system operations systematically with effective resource use, sustainability, and constant improvement,

Ensure the employment of qualified academic and administrative personnel in accordance with the vision and mission of our institution,

Ensure the participation and content of all peers in decision-making procedures within the scope of management systems,

Ensure the development and sustainability of the necessary managerial and technological foundation in order to achieve the aims of education and research-development, internationalization and social contribution,

Develop actions that will ensure the activities related to information management systems in order to manage processes of institution effectively and efficiently,

Carry out all processes within the scope of the management system effectively, considering the issues of accountability and informing the public,

Evaluate the activity of the management system and the purpose, aim and programs that form this system with reviewing it on a regular basis and do required works in accordance with sustainability principle for continuous improvement.


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